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Help Break The Cycle of Poverty & Disease, One Child At A Time!

Every child matters and deserves HOPE

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Every child deserves HOPE!

Kenya – A place far away and unknown to many… a place that is easy to ignore because who cares about this place or the children there… Then, someone does. Someone sees. Behind the veneer of "the unknown" is something that looks strangely familiar. It's in their eyes and on their faces and in their potential. That thing is HOPE.

We believe that every child matters, despite their geographical location, situation and lack of ability to help themselves. We are about more – more than just helping a child have food, although that's essential. We are about every child having hope.

This effort, this hope, Hope For Kajiado, is about taking "it takes a village to raise a child" thing seriously. It commands that we all find our village - to bring hope to our children - to make sure they are fully alive. That they thrive and have hope. And for us, we join our hope with theirs. Can you see them? If so, can you turn away? Come, join our village!

You can help these children survive and thrive by providing hope. Your contributions will break the cycle of poverty and disease by enabling these children to become successful members of society with the ability to support their own family.

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